All of us have heard the statement: GOD USES PEOPLE. There are many verses in Scripture that confirm this. In our own lives we have seen this played out many times when God uses us to help someone just to say an encouraging word; and there are times when someone comes along to help us in our time of need.

I think most of you know that about three weeks before Christmas I received the wonderful gift of COVID-19. Compared to many other people, I had a very mild case. Perhaps that was due to the fact that my doctor sent me to a hospital about twenty miles from my home to have an infusion of anti-bodies. It was supposed to work with my own anti-bodies to keep me out of the hospital. I am grateful that it worked. However, there is more to this story.

I had been to the city of Columbia, TN several times, but never to the hospital, and, in spite of using a map app, I could not find the hospital. I finally stopped and asked a man if he knew the way. He said, “Well I do not live here, but I have a friend who works there. Follow me and I will get you to the hospital.” As we pulled into the parking lot, I rolled down my window to thank him. He said, “I do not know why you are here, but could I pray for you?” I thought, “Oh my gosh! I have met my Guardian Angel. Not only did he lead me to the right place, but he also even wants to pray for me!” GOD USES PEOPLE sometimes when we least expect it.

A few weeks ago a family who lives in my subdivision was on their way to the grocery store. I truck pulled into their lane and they were involved in a head-on collision. The mother and young son were killed, but the father and his 9-year- old daughter Victoria survived. Just a few days ago a lady in our community organized a drive-by birthday parade for Victoria, who was turning ten. This happened to be on the same day that our US Capital in Washington, DC was being attacked and people were being killed. I stood across the street and watched the cars go by with their horns honking and many people stopping to give gifts to Victoria. I started counting the cars. To my amazement there were

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