Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                                          February 2018

Last month I mentioned Trevor, the youth pastor, interviewing at a church in Colorado. He and his wife Mary had a wonderful visit and he is joining the Church’s Pastoral staff. He wanted to share with you some of the ways this ministry has been helpful in their lives these last few years.

To the Friends of Greg Rhodes,

Around the time I first met Pastor Greg, I felt stuck. My ministry job was paralyzing me with its many limitations yet surreal expectations. Greg and I met at a Starbucks where he urged me to tell my story and not leave anything out. I was as transparent as possible in sharing my journey. Greg was very attentive to who I was and what I was going through. The way he listened with a keen interest encouraged me to share why my “heart of a shepherd” felt deflated. 

During that first meeting, I was not only sharing my story but was observing his demeanor. I was evaluating if this is a brother I could walk alongside or not. At the end of our time the verdict was cast… sure, let’s meet up again.

For the next couple of years we met about once a month. During our encounters, Greg provided a listening ear but would also give a valued voice of feedback. His counsel helped me sift through some of the challenging situations I faced because I was in youth ministry. 

If you have ever ventured into the “trenches”, you would know working in ministry can be a very lonely journey with many stages of isolation. The comforting element of Greg’s counsel was that he would meet me in that remoteness and help me find my way forward. He acted as Christ would; leading me through the thickets.

I cannot express how much Pastor Greg has been a minister to my family and me. Life in the trenches is not easy but to have a wise mentor walk alongside you is much valued. He helped provide great input and ended up being the most important reference for me during my search process for a new job.

Thanks to Greg’s heartfelt efforts and sincere intentionality, my family is experiencing a ministry high and is moving into a new place where we envision many great things ahead of us. 

My wife and I are filled to the brim with excitement for where God has led our family and we thank the Lord for helping us find the path to our new direction in ministry; especially for providing amazing leaders, like Greg Rhodes, to help us secure our footing. 


Trevor Schulte

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Pastor Greg Rhodes

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