The Value of a Pastor Support Group

"My support group is really the only consistent and safe place I have in my life to go be with other pastors who immediately get it."
"As a pastor, I need people in my life that will support, encourage and even admonish me when needed. My pastor support group does just that….providing pastors with a safe place to recharge and get the support they need for life and ministry."
"Lyle has been a great friend and supporter in our meetings together. His insight into ministry and his care for pastors have been key reasons for helping me maintain balance and perseverance in ministry."
"What a great group of truly down to earth guys. Spiritually encouraging and accepting while being frank and challenging."
"…the pastor support group is a safe place where I can go to meet and pray with fellow pastors, to share concerns and bare the soul, knowing that other caring Christians will pray and support without criticism."