Len Sunukjian is a native of Southern California now residing in Santa Barbara, CA.

He served for 13 years on the Program Staff at the Mount Hermon Christian Camp & Conference Center in Northern California, one of the largest on the West Coast.

Subsequently, he was a Senior Pastor in Santa Barbara for 18 years, where a lot of his work included facilitating relationships with numerous other pastors.

After serving for 13 years as Ministry Director with the Missionary Church Western District, Len joined the staff of FishBowl Ministries to continue his ministry of pastoral care, counseling and coaching with pastors and leaders both within his denomination and also in the Santa Barbara area.

Len has been married to Diana since 1969 and they have two married sons and spouses, and six grandchildren, all living in Santa Barbara.

You can contact Len by calling: 805-390-0993 or via email at lsunuk@nullverizon.net


I’ve known Len for over 40 years and consider him one of my most treasured confidants and friends through the seasons of our lives and ministries. In all sincerity, I know of no one who cares more for pastors overwhelmed by the pressures and stresses of ministry than Len. I’ve referred scores of pastors to my friend when their lives and ministries have become unbearable, and to a person, they have shared how they were shown kindness, respect and given wise and compassionate counsel.

Pastor, Experienced Adults”, First Evangelical Free Church Fullerton

Len has been and continues to be an integral part of my life. Walking alongside me, counseling me, advising me, and drawing out from me more than I could ever be on my own. His wisdom, perceptiveness, and discernment have afforded me the opportunity to grow more in my walk with the Lord, with my wife, and with my kids.

Student Ministries Pastor, Agoura Bible Fellowship

For the past 11 years, Len has walked with me not just through the peaks, but the valleys of my ministry. His insights, shepherding, and friendship during this time has been a major factor in me both planting and continuing to pastor the church I minister at in Long Beach, CA. He is a rare friend to pastors.

Lead Pastor, A Village Community. Long Beach

I have known Len Sunukjian for twenty years as a friend, a fellow pastor and laborer in the Lord’s vineyard. Quite apart from his calling as a pastor is the extraordinary gifts God has given him of exhortation and wisdom. Len has a big heart for the whole body of Christ, to see unity and reconciliation. Len ‘s single greatest contribution to the larger body of Christ is his ability to come alongside leaders in a context of spiritual friendship. I count him as one of the most important spiritual influences in my life.

Rector, Christ the King Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara Sr. Vice                                                                                                                            President, International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, Washington DC

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