We all know that the world we love and care about is going through a very difficult time. Covid-19, and the Presidential election, all combine to make our lives uneasy and even fearful. In 1966 songwriter Burt Bacharach and Hal David hit the musical charts with the song entitled “What The World Needs Now” It was sung by Dionne Warwick. (Probably right now you are all hearing that song in your brain.) 

What the world needs now is love, sweet love It’s the only thing 

That there’s just too little of. What the world needs now is love, sweet love, not just for some but for everyone. 

Lord, we don’t need another mountain, there are 

mountains and hillsides enough to climb. There are oceans and rivers enough to cross, Enough to last till the end of time. 

What does the world need now? In 1 Corinthians 13:13-14a The Apostle Paul 

Writes these familiar words: There are three things that will endure, Faith, Hope 

and Love. Let Love be your highest goal. Once again Paul writes in Colossians 

3:12-14 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another……Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues PUT ON LOVE. What does the world need now? It needs to see God’s love flowing out of the lives of every believer. 

In Galatians 5:22-23 Paul once again reminds us of what our lives are to look like: 

But the fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FORBEARANCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS AND SELF-CONTROL. Against such things there is no law. 

Lord, we don’t need another meadow there are cornfields and wheat fields enough to grow. There are sunbeams and moon beams enough to shine. Oh listen, Lord, if you want to know. What the world needs now is LOVE, SWEET LOVE! 

2020 has certainly been a year to remember or maybe we just want to forget it. I was in a bank recently and talking to the teller; I mentioned that I had already heard Christmas music on the radio and the malls are decorated for the Holiday season. She responded by saying. I just want to get through Christmas and move into 2021. I want to forget 2020! 

I just want to Thank you for standing with FishBowl Ministries this past year with your prayers and your continued financial gifts. As we move into this last month of 2020, I hope you will remember FBM with a year-end gift. Every church FBM Ministries 2020 

and non-profit are grateful for generous givers at the end of the year to help us prepare for 2021. 

Last year our Year End Giving was $8,000.00 above your regular monthly 

giving. I am praying that we will exceed that total this year. Thank you again for being a partner in this important ministry. 



Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said:

Great is the art of beginning, but greater the art is the ending.

In other words, we need to do our best at finishing well in whatever we are attempting to do. When I was in high school, I played the trumpet, and I sang in as many groups as I possibly could. I remember someone telling me that even if you make mistakes at the beginning of your song, make the ending glorious, because that is what people will remember. That is really the goal of FishBowl Ministries. Our mission statement says, Offering Hope, Encouragement, and Friendship to those in ministry, so they may finish well! More recently I have used the words Finish Strong since someone said that finishing well sounds like we are talking about our health. However, whether we say well or strong I believe we understand the message of our mission statement!

Many of you know that I just completed a trip to Southern California – spending time in the Orange County area and also Santa Barbara. I had 34 contacts in my 7 days. I tried to see as many people as I could, realizing that it would not be possible to see all those who support FishBowl Ministries.

It is a good thing that I like to talk because I had lots of conversations! I had the privilege of hosting a breakfast for some of the pastors that I worked with while living in CA. It was a joy to renew friendships, laugh together and to know that each of these men understand their calling and are determined to finish strong!

We all know that we are living in serious times and we wonder how much more difficult it will get and what will life be like in the years to come. Recently I was listening to a podcast from a pastor here in TN. He was talking about the uncertainties that we all face with Covid 19 and the election. I am sure that many of us have said: Well what if this happens or that happens. This pastor said Let’s move our lives from “what if” to “even if”. In other words, regardless of what happens in the election and with the pandemic, I am going to serve The Lord. I am going to be a follower of Jesus and I am going to trust Him with my present and with my future! No matter what happens I AM GOING TO FINISH STRONG!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and your generous financial gifts. FishBowl Ministries continues to move forward because of each of you!

Blessings and Peace! Lyle


September 2020


It is hard for me to believe that Linda and I co-founded FBM on September 1, 2012. We are now eight years old! Linda and I moved to TN on October 1, 2010 which means I will soon have lived in Tennessee for 20 years. Wow! Time flies when you are having fun, except when we are still struggling with Covid19, then it seems to drag on and on.

Our faith was small when we began. I assumed it would just be me meeting with pastors and Linda taking care of the finances. However, God had a different plan. My long-time friend, Len Sunukjian (CA) asked if he could join our staff, then Greg Rhodes (CA) joined, and then Byron Burns (OH) and Judy Stevenson (TN) and our newest staff member is John Coulombe (CA). I am indeed grateful for all of these individuals who have a love and passion to minister to those who are in ministry. I also continue to look for others who have that same desire and passion. I am grateful for the FBM Board of Directors who continue to pray for us and provide me with support and direction.

I am always looking for other individuals who want to join our team. Two years ago, I met with a friend who is very successful in the restaurant industry to get his thoughts on how we could push FBM forward to be more effective. The first question he asked me was “why do you want to grow?” I responded by saying “I do not want to grow so I will look more successful. I want to grow because I know what pastors deal with. I know their struggles and burdens they carry, and I know that our six staff people cannot meet all those needs.”

One of the great blessings of this last eight years has been the faithful prayers and financial support of so many of you. God has blessed us with consistent, and I hope, cheerful givers! I am grateful the giving has been steady and consistent, even throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.

How can you pray for FBM?

The Dangers of This Difficult Season

August 2020

I do not have to explain to anyone reading this newsletter that we are living in difficult times. However, since FishBowl Ministries focuses on pastors, I want to share some thoughts that I have been reading and things I have been hearing pastors saying about this time of ministry. Ruth HaleyBarton is the leader at the Transforming Center that focuses on strengthening leadership in those who serve in ministry. In a recent posting she said:

“One of the deadliest issues facing ministry leaders today is the fact that many are experiencing serious levels of depletion.”
She goes on to quote a pastor who said: “I have struggled for a few years now with emotional exhaustion and I have felt guilty for the way I have felt during this time. My whole life seems to be consumed by the worries and the stresses of ministry. I can no longer figure out where my life ends, and my ministry begins.”

I am sure that he is not alone in those thoughts.

I recently sat down with a group of ministry leaders. Our conversation quickly went to the COVID19 Virus and how it has impacted their lives and ministries. One pastor had just met the night before with his Elder Board and of course much of the time was focused on the virus and how the church should respond. Wearing or not wearing a mask was one of the big issues. At one point in this discussion one of the Elders suggested that the worship team wear masks and that the pastor wear a mask when he was preaching. This pastor then shared that the worship team had the ability to be 40 feet away from the congregation and did not need to wear a mask. He also told the Board that he would not be wearing a mask when he was preaching. Eventually things calmed down and as far as I know, this pastor is still at his church, even though he did offer to resign.

I asked this group to share something good that has been happening during this difficult season. I heard “more time to spend with my wife and children; more time to really pastor the people of the church, by phone and by FaceTime.” I also heard “more time to play golf!” When it came time for me to share, I simply said: “I am so glad that I am not the pastor of a local church during this season.”

So, what can we do to help our pastors? A few ideas – send them a note of appreciation. Send them a gift card for coffee or a meal. Pray for them and their family. I am sure that you can think of other ideas that will let your pastor know that you appreciate him or her.

FBM Ministries 2020

Thank you so much for all your prayers, cards and support for me and my family. God was gracious to free Linda from her suffering and now she is home with Jesus.

If you were not able to watch her service, we do have a recording and I will be happy to send it to you. Send your email address to me at: lyle1268@nullgmail.com

Thank you for all your financial support for FishBowl Ministries. I really appreciate your love and care.


*Please note that I have postponed my California trip to October 6-14, hoping that pandemic numbers will be more favorable by that time.

FBM Ministries 2020


JULY 2020

On April 4, 2020, my good friend John Coulombe and a member of our Fishbowl staff, wrote a letter about what we were facing with COVID-19. With John’s permission, I am sending you a portion of his letter.

Once again we have been reminded that life is full of uncomfortable, unexpected, unsettling moments as the global epidemic with a germ nicknamed COVID-19 reared its head. I find myself thinking if not outright asking, when will we, or will we ever get back to ‘normal?’ And then I catch my breath and wonder, do we really want to get back to normal?

We have come through a season where the air-waves have spread a verbal virus permeating media, infecting humanity with caustic tweets, spreading division, hatred, angst, and fear. Do we really want to go backward and return to that? But how shall we then live in light of the pandemonium impacting our nation, homes, and bodies?

John then quoted one of my favorite authors (Max Lucado) on his perspective of April 2020:
This isn’t the April we wanted. We wanted Spring Training. We wanted to go to church on Easter Sunday. We wanted a weekend trip to see the spring flowers. We wanted the Master’s golf tournament……. I love April.

Well, April is long past and we are still facing COVID-19. Just when we think it is about to pass it rears its ugly head. Again, it begs the question, How Shall We Then Live?
Let’s go back in history and listen to what Martin Luther and CS Lewis had to say. Luther speaks about germs resulting in the Bubonic Plague of 1557. CS Lewis speaks about the bombs falling on London almost 500 years later during World War 2.

Luther: I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance inflict and pollute others and so cause their death as a result of my negligence.

C.S.LEWIS: The first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb, when it comes find us doing sensible and human things……praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a

FBM Ministries 2020

game of darts and not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies—a microbe can do that…. but they need not dominate our minds.

I encourage us all to read these words carefully, and perhaps, spend less time watching and listening to the news and more time singing:

A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing. Our helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing. M. Luther 1529

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for Fishbowl Ministries. We appreciate all you do!

We will be live streaming Linda’s service on August 15th. Check Facebook for details as it gets closer.


JUNE 2020

All of us have had jobs that we did not particularly like or enjoy but hopefully we have also had jobs that fit us perfectly. Besides God’s call in my life to be a pastor, I wonder how much my earthly father played a role in my life’s direction? My father was born in 1899. (Yes, that is the right date.) He died in 1978 at the age of 79. All of my immediate family were members of the Wesleyan Methodist Denomination into which I was ordained. In going through some shelves in my office recently I found my Dad’s Bible. In it was a letter that he had written to the members of the church he attended. The names in the letter are not important but it is the spirit of the letter that I want you to hear.

“The week of February 12th to 19th has been designated as Wesleyan Ministers week, paying tribute to our present pastor as well as those in the past and future. I first met my present pastor in the year 1935. I have watched him through the years. He is human, but not perfect. If he was, he would be in Heaven. We believe he is a man of God. He loves men’s souls and weeps over sinners. That open altar and his call to salvation never ceases to bring a throb to my heart and a tear to my eye. He is very busy but never says much about it. However, many of us know of the long hours and the tedious tasks he has. I have thought many times that it is a good thing he is not paid by the hour; we’d never be able to pay such a salary. He always says, ‘I do it for Jesus.’

”We laymen appreciate a God-called minister. Preaching the Gospel is much more than a mere profession. We expect the pastor to be a man sent from God. If the pastor had 100% cooperation from the laity, his success could be much greater than it is. One day when a leading layman of our Denomination, highly educated and effective as a speaker, was asked by a friend, ‘Don’t you find lots of defects in your pastor’s sermons?’ his reply was, ‘I don’t go to church to criticize the preacher; I go to worship the Lord.’ If our pastor has waited on the Lord for the message and has heard from God, our hearts will be stirred. Your pastor does not know if you appreciate him or not, if you never say so. He goes about encouraging each one of us. It might help if we would try to encourage him.”

I believe my call to be a pastor and to have a passion to work with pastors was a call from God, but I also believe that my father may just have had something to do with all of that!. “Thank you, Daddy for investing in my life.”


Moms and Dads – one or both of them going to work each day. Not anymore. Many businesses are closed, and most people have found a new way of saving gas and having less stress on the interstates and freeways by working at home.

Going to the beach, going to the zoo, playing in the park – these are wonderful things to do, but not for now. Times are changing.

Families getting together to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries hugging each other, sharing a kiss. Oh dear, what did I miss. All this used to be normal,
But not for now. Times are changing.

Sunday mornings used to find families getting ready to go to church – Mom and Dad to “big” church, kids off to “little” church. However, for now we can just stay in our p.j.’s and watch on our devices. We can even sing along in our living room with the hymns and praise songs. Why is this happening? Because times are changing.

Don’t walk too close to your friend or neighbor. Just give an “air” hug or an elbow bump, but make sure your mask is tight. It has never been this way before. Why are we doing this? Well you know, Times are changing!

Weddings are planned with only the bride, groom and minister in attendance. They will plan the reception for later when it is safe to be together. Times are changing.

A loved one dies, and the family is filled with sadness. Arrangements for a service have to be postponed until the virus is gone and our lives can get back to some sense of normal – whatever that means.

That is what has happened to my family. Most of you know by now that Linda went to meet Jesus the night of April 8, 2020. At that moment my life and the life of our family changed forever. Many of you have suffered this kind of separation in your life. We are reminded in the Scriptures: “There is a time to be born and there is a time to die.” Our plan was to have a “Celebration of Life Service” for Linda on Friday, June 19th. The order of the service is planned and wheels were getting in motion for all details. However, because we are still dealing with “The VIRUS” and it’s aftereffects, Linda’s service will now be held on August 15, 2020 – location to remain the same – Conduit Church, Franklin, TN

FBM Ministries 2020

Does all this make me happy? No, it does not; but it does remind me that I am not in charge. God will see us and all of you through this difficult time in our lives and in our country’s history.

I have received so many cards and the sharing of special memories of Linda that my Heart is overflowing with thanksgiving and comfort. Also, those who live close to me have made sure that I would have plenty to eat. (So much for my diet!)

I also want to thank all of you who are praying for FishBowl Ministries and continuing to generously support this vital ministry.

Lately I have been reading from the TPT (The Passion Translation) each morning. The first 2 verses of Psalm 62 say this:

For God alone has become my Savior.
He alone is my safe place:
His wrap-around presence always protects me.

When I read those two verses, I get a beautiful picture of GOD coming to me and wrapping Himself around me and holding me close to Him.

Regardless of what you are facing during this difficult time – a time of changes – remember God does not change and His wrap-around presence will be with you!

Blessings and Peace!


I am sending this newsletter early so that those who were planning to come to Linda’s service will know the change of plans.


April 2020

In 1966 I entered my first year of college at Marion, which has since been re-named to Indiana Wesleyan University. During the first few days of orientation I met a beautiful girl named Linda. She was at a table helping the freshman sign up for various campus activities. Somehow she discovered that I was a singer. In my freshman year I traveled with a “gospel team” singing and speaking at churches in various states. When we were singing in local churches, somehow Linda would always show up, because she liked this certain young man that could sing. (That was me in case you did not know.)

As we continued on through our college years, we fell in love and were married on December 27, 1968.

As most men will admit, if they are honest, I married up! Having been born into a Pastor’s family, Linda knew what it was like to be a Pastor’s wife. Throughout our 51 years of marriage and ministry she fulfilled that role with grace and charm.

Linda always said that she was not the “typical pastor’s wife.” She did not play the piano or lead the Women’s Missionary Society. Her passion and love were for children, first, our three at home, and then leading children’s church for many years.

Linda loved to organize and was always sorting through stacks of family photos. For many years she was the editor of this monthly newsletter. You all got to see the finished product. I got to see all the red marks on the rough draft that she thought needed to be worded differently! That is what I got for being married to an English Teacher.

Linda loved her time working at Biola University for 16 years. She loved being around students and helping them with their schedules and listening to their problems. I wish now she could read the letters and emails that have come from some of those students telling our family of the impact she had on their lives.

Besides her strong faith in, and love for God, she loved her children and grandchildren deeply. She always made birthdays and Christmas extra special.

She would say: “Lyle you can’t just use any plates and napkins, they have to

match what we are celebrating.”

I remember when I used to help her wrap Christmas presents. I did fine at putting the wrapping paper on the package, and then I would slap one of those FBM Ministries 2020

pre-formed bows on it. I thought the package looked great, but no, Linda had to make her own bows and make those packages look just right!

I do not know why God gave me the wonderful privilege of spending 51 plus years with this gracious and loving woman, but I am sure grateful that He did.

Linda and I were not perfect, and we did not have a perfect marriage, but who does?

God gave us the ability to love each other, forgive each other and walk together on the paths that He put in front of us.

Well done good and faithful servant you are now enjoying the freedom from your

illness and the joy of your “forever home” in Heaven.


Information on the Celebration of Life Service for Linda:

Date/time: Friday, June 19 at 2:00pm CST

(Please pray with us that our country will be up and running by that time)

Location: Conduit Church

1642 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN 37064.

The service will also be live streamed at: www.Conduitchurch.com click on “live” in the upper right hand corner

Thank you for your continued faithful prayers and financial donations to FishBowl Ministries.! And for all the cards, emails, phone calls and texts that I have received.

Blessings and Peace to each of you



State Of The Ministry

March 2020

On February 23rd the Board of Directors met for our 8th annual Board Meeting.

Since those of you receiving this letter have been supporting FishBowl Ministries for many years with your prayers and financial gifts, I believe you need to hear some highlights from my report to the Board.

As many of you know, my work with pastors started in 2006 when I joined the staff of the Center For Individual and Family Therapy in Orange, CA. Ministry has been my life so becoming the Director of Pastoral Ministry for CIFT and starting 6 Pastor support groups allowed me to pour my heart and experience into the lives of other pastors. To sit with these men each month and have them share their lives, both professionally and privately, thru laughter and tears, seeing relationships built to even casting out a demon (thankfully that only happened once), I looked forward to those meetings every month. As far as I know, one of the original groups still meets every month.

Moving to TN in 2010 was not easy, but Linda and I knew that God had spoken to both of us and it was the right thing to do. In September 2012 we started FishBowl Ministries, which means we will celebrate our 8th Anniversary in a few months. God has brought together a wonderful staff who have a heart for pastors and all those in ministry. Each of our staff are gifted in different ways, but they all have a passion for offering Hope, Encouragement, and Friendship to all those in Ministry so that they will finish strong. (We now have 3 staff in CA, 1 in TX, 1 in OH and 2 in TN.)

Last year I shared the goals for 2019:

*Add 1-2 new Board Members – Dan Harwell joined our Board

*Add 2 new staff members – John Coulombe joined our staff

*Add a woman Pastor to our staff who can minister to pastor’s wives

and to other women pastors. – Judy Stevenson is filling that role.

Goals for 2020:

* Add 3 more staff members

* Increase our personal support

* Ensure that our website is up to date. In addition, each of our Board Members are looking for creative ways to help further the impact of FishBowl Ministries. FBM Ministries 2020

I love sitting down with pastors and hearing their stories and I am grateful to God for the opportunities He gives me to come into the life of a new pastor. Even though we are currently facing some difficult times in our country, I am looking forward to seeing how FishBowl Ministries will continue to impact those who are serving in ministry. Thank you so much for our continued prayers and your financial gifts.

A personal note

This year has been one of the most difficult years that Linda and I have experienced in our 51 plus years of marriage. As I write this letter to you Linda has been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks. Due to a couple of falls that were about a week apart, she “decided” to take a rest and sleep. This “rest” turned into sleeping for 36 hours without any food, water or her Parkinson’s meds. As I finish up this newsletter, it is now March 20th – she will be moved today from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility. Due to the virus, we will not be able to have any personal contact with her. We are hoping that we can Facetime so she will know that we love her and that we are praying for her.

Blessings & Peace!

Lyle & Linda


February 2020

How often when you were a child did you hear these words: “Everybody, you can come to the table, dinner is ready.” As a child, or even as an adult, those are great words to hear. A few weeks ago, I was on the phone with a pastor in another state. He is the father of four children. When he called his children to come to the table for dinner, all of them came except one. He called again and there was no response. Finally, one of his children said, “He is afraid to come to the table because he broke something in your office.” My friend went into his office and found his son holding in his hands the object that he had broken. The father gently told his son that it was no big deal and he invited him to come to the table and join with the rest of the family. As my friend told me this story, a picture flashed through my mind of Jesus calling us to come to His table. He says to us, “Come. There is room for you at My table. Though your sins be as scarlet, they can be as white as snow at My table”. No one deserves to be at the Master’s table; no one deserve His marvelous love, grace and forgiveness.

Most of you reading this newsletter have already come to the Master’s table. You have heard His call on your life, and even though you are unworthy of His love, He makes room for you at the table. Maybe you know someone in your family, or someone you work with or a neighbor that you talk too that needs to be invited to Jesus’s table. Because Jesus says, “It doesn’t matter what you have done, it doesn’t matter about the broken pieces in your life. I have reserved a place for you at MY TABLE!”

We are quick to condemn and many times quick to judge, but Jesus is quick to forgive and restore.

I do not get many chances to preach any more so consider this my “sermon” and take this story and invite someone to Your table so that they might know there is also room for them at The Table of Jesus.

Once again, I want to thank you for your continued prayers and your faithful financial gifts to support FishBowl Ministries. Pastors are being helped because of you. Blessings and Peace! Lyle & Linda


January 2020

It is hard to believe that we are almost one month into this new year of 2020. How is it going with your New Year’s resolution? I seldom make a resolution because I soon break it like everyone else. This year however, I have heard people talking about their “Word for the year”. Recently I heard a well-known person being interviewed about her lifestyle habits. She said “I get up every morning at 5:00am and spend an hour in “STILLNESS” When I heard that I thought “what a great word. In the midst of this crazy, mixed up world we are living in we need time for “STILLNESS” As soon as I heard this word an old hymn came to my mind. I do not know if anyone ever sings it, but it is helping me to practice “STILLNESS.”

1. Speak Lord, in the stillness, while I wait on Thee;

Hushed my heart to listen in expectancy.
2. Speak, O blessed Master In this quiet hour
Let me see Thy face, Lord, feel Thy touch of power.

3. For the words Thou speakest, they are life indeed;

Living Bread from Heaven, now my spirit feed.
4. All to Thee is yielded, I am not my own;

Blissful, glad surrender I am Thine alone.
5. Speak, Thy servant heareth, Be not silent, Lord;

Waits my soul upon Thee for the quickening word.

6. Fill me with the knowledge of Thy glorious will;

All Thine own good pleasure in Thy Child fulfill.

7.Like a watered garden, full of fragrance rare,

Lingering in Thy presence, let my life appear. PSALM 46:10

Thank you to each one of you who pray and give so generously to

FishBowl Ministries, yearend was the best year yet! THANK YOU!
I had a successful hip surgery on Friday, January, 10th. I am writing this newsletter on January 24th. I drove my car this morning for the first time since surgery! Please continue to pray for Linda, for her health and for our family as we may be making some difficult decisions in the months ahead.

Lyle & Linda


December 2019

How many of you like to receive gifts…please raise your hand. If I could actually see all of you I imagine that everyone is raising their hand. The giving and receiving of gifts is one of the great joys of Christmas. However, here is what I have discovered, the older I get the less I need. Yet, at Christmas or my birthday, my kids always ask me what I want as a gift? I receive their gifts because I know that it is a joy to give to those we love.

Here are some of the Gifts I will receive this Christmas:

*The gift of a wonderful wife with whom I will celebrate 51 years of marriage on December 27. *The gift of 3 children, 2 spouses, and 7 grandchildren who continually bless this old grandpa and Dad.
*The gift of being able to come alongside pastors and ministry leaders to share their joys and support them in their struggles.

*The Gift of all who are reading this letter. Your friendship, prayers and financial gifts to FishBowl Ministries are deeply appreciated.
*The gift of our FBM Staff. They are all such gifted and Godly people as they serve pastors and ministry leaders. These individuals, along with our Board of Directors, make FBM an effective and vital ministry.
*The greatest gift of all is Jesus, who gives us the gift of salvation and the promise of Eternal Life with Him!


*A belated gift: On January 10, 2020 I will be receiving The Gift Of A New Hip! Prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery are appreciated!



One day a young man was talking to an older man about his faith. The young man was concerned that he did not have the strong faith that he had seen displayed in the life of the older man. After asking numerous questions the older man replied I have been around for a long time. My Faith was developed by having A long walk with a faithful God. Many of you reading this newsletter can testify to having a long walk with a faithful God. We do not know what struggles and storms we will face in life. Sometimes it feels like we are surrounded by the storms and we wonder if we will make it through them. The Disciples wondered that same thing. According to Mark 4:35- 40. They were all in a boat when a strong storm came upon them and they feared for their lives. What was more worrisome for them was the fact that JESUS WAS ASLEEP! The Disciples soon discovered that the peace of God was much greater than the storm!

Even at our worst moments, God is still faithful! Remember the Bible tells us that while we were still sinners, God sent Jesus to save us from our sins. One of my favorite hymns says it this way:

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father There is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not As Thou hast been Thou forever will be. Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth Thy own dear presence to Cheer and to guide. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow Blessings all mine with ten thousand beside.

Each month as I process your faithful and generous contributions to FishBowl Ministries, I am reminded that without your obedience to God this ministry would not be possible. Every week, I hear from pastors who are so grateful to have FishBowl Ministries as a part of their lives.

As we are nearing the end of 2019, I understand there are so many places to send your yearend gifts and contributions, but, other than your local church, we would be honored if you would remember FishBowl Ministries with an extra gift.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and with your financial gifts! Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings – Lyle and Linda

Fishbowl Ministries

ENVY October 2019

Do you ever find yourself comparing what you have with what others have? “Why do they have a new car and I don’t? Why is their house bigger than mine? Why do they take trips all over the world and I am only able to spend the weekend in a budget motel?” I could go on and on with the comparisons, but the problem is when we start to COMPARE then we also start to ENVY. Remember the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4:6-7? Comparing leads to Envy and Envy produces sin. In Proverbs 14:30 we read: A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. The Bible is clear that comparison and envy is sinful, and they will steal our joy.

Guess What? Pastors are not immune to comparison and envy. The average church size in America is 72. However, most of the attention goes to the “mega churches” that have thousands in attendance each week. Now that is not wrong because I believe that God uses mega, medium and small churches to accomplish His purpose and to build His Kingdom, but pastors in the average church often tend to compare and then start to envy.

In 1982 Linda and I moved our family from freezing Wisconsin to warm and sunny Southern California. After getting settled, we were asked by the Christian & Missionary Alliance Denomination (CMA) to plant a new Church in Yorba Linda, CA. One day I drove by a mega church in our area and I thought, “How will we ever be able to compete with that church?” Then I sensed God saying to me “I did not call you to COMPETE I called you to help build My Kingdom.”

The message that I continue to share through FBM with pastors of small and medium size churches is that they are valuable to the building of God’s Kingdom. Every one of you receiving this newsletter is a valuable part of FishBowl Ministries. Thank you for your continued prayers for this ministry and Linda’s health and, your generous financial gifts.


Why Pray When You Can Worry

September, 2019

The title of this newsletter can be taken as humorous or sad. Most of us, or maybe it’s just me, tend to worry and then pray. No one would disagree that we have plenty of things in our world to worry about, and thus, pray about. We all face tough situations in life – the question is how do we react to those situations, and what lessons do we learn from those tough times?

My friend and newest FishBowl Staff member, John Coulombe, recently sent out some thoughts on living and dying. He wrote these in 2006 when he was in the hospital with some serious heart issues. As he began to examine his outlook on life and death, some meaningful thoughts sprouted. With John’s permission I am sharing some of them with you.

When we face tough times remember:

God is in control. I’m not. TRUST HIM. Psalm 115:3

God  is  not  in  a  hurry.  I  am. You’re the    patient,  so be patient.    SLOW DOWN. Matthew 6:25-34

Center Your heart on the Lord, rather than on your own problems. FOCUS ON HIM. Col. 3;1; Phil. 4:6-7.

Be grateful for small things. In everything give thanks, with joy. I Thess. 5:16-18. BE GRATEFUL.

Keep finding your sense of humor. It’s better than some of the That we take! Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine. BE HAPPY.

Above all, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life! Proverbs 4:23 GUARD YOUR HEART!

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support!


FBM UPDATE August 2019

I have written several times concerning the need and effectiveness of FishBowl Ministries. This was brought to my attention lately as I was meeting with one of my “Ministry Groups.” One pastor shared that recently he had a conversation with a woman whose husband is pastoring a “home church” in the Nashville area. He is also a bio-vocational pastor, so he has a lot on his plate already. As my friend shared with this pastor’s wife, he told her about Fishbowl Ministries and how we meet to share the joys and struggles of our families and ministries, as well as our personal lives. As he shared the pastor’s wife began to cry. This caught the pastor a little off guard and he inquired as to why she was crying. She said, “Oh how my husband needs a group like this. He has no one in his life that he can share with.” That story stirs my passion to want to do more to reach pastors that are in the same boat…….no one to talk to and no safe person to share their life. This story ignited in me, once again, the need for ministries like FishBowl Ministries, and gave me a greater passion to reach more Ministry Leaders.

Several years ago I sensed God saying to me that one day FBM would have 10 people on our staff. Why 10 and not 20? I have no idea but in my “more mature” years I am learning not to argue with God! Well we don’t have 10 yet but I am excited to announce that we recently added our 7th staff member. Pastor John Coulombe, who has served on staff at EV Free Church in Fullerton, CA for the past 31 years, recently stepped out of that role, but is not retiring from being a pastor. I have known John for 25 years; he is a man of deep faith and has a great love for the church and for those who lead. John will continue to serve with Legacy Coalition, which is a ministry to grandparents and their grandchildren and also continue to mentor and give spiritual support to those in ministry.

Linda and I are so grateful for all of you who continue to pray for us and give financial support. May the blessings and the peace of Christ be with each of you!

Words of Appreciation July 2019

My Friend Rich Buhler, who is now enjoying Heaven, used to have a radio show called “Talk From The Heart.” After he would talk to a listener he would often say “I just want to give you a big electronic hug.” I recognize that not all people enjoy hugs, however if I could I would like to give all of you reading this letter a big “electronic hug!” It would be my way of thanking you and telling you how much I appreciate your faithfulness to FishBowl Ministries. FBM would not be able to minister without your faithful prayers and consistent financial gifts. Let me share a couple of examples:

There is a pastor friend that I meet with once a month who always says to me “I am so grateful for you and this ministry. I look forward to our time together.”
Whether you pray and give or are just able to pray, you make this possible.


I meet once a month with a group of pastors from the Nashville area. They represent different ages, backgrounds and denominations. Almost every time we meet someone expresses appreciation for this group being able to meet and share life and ministry together. This can only happen because of your faithfulness in prayer and giving.


For the last four years, FishBowl Ministries has co-sponsored a retreat called The Music City Fathers. Many of those attending live in the Nashville area and they are all involved in some kind of ministry. Once each month 5-6 of us meet to share our lives, encourage each other and pray for the needs in our families. This can only happen because of your faithfulness in praying and giving.


Whether I am “cold calling” to meet a new pastor, or on the phone listening to a pastor pour out his heart because of personal, family, or church struggles, it is made possible because of your prayers and gifts.


In closing, let me leave you with a bit of church humor: I recently passed a church with the following message on their marquee sign. “Please Tweet others as you would have them Tweet you.”


June 2019

I have a friend who has taught at Talbot Seminary for several years and has also written several books about church growth. Recently, in preparation for a new book, he asked me if I could have a group of pastors identify the number of “hats” that they wear as a pastor. Before I share theresults of my “not so scientific survey” let me share this story – In the first church that Linda and I served we printed for the church family the income and expenses (including my salary, which was very small) for each month. One Sunday a little girl, probably about 12 years old, picked up the report. When she got to the line that showed my salary, she said: Wow, you get paid all that money for working ONE DAY A WEEK! I knew that she had been listening to her parents talk! You see, many church members have the misconception that pastors spend one day a week preparing their sermon, coming to church on Sunday, and then spending the rest of the time golfing or enjoying “free time”.

My experience is that most pastors are very committed to their calling and spend more timewearing their “pastor hat” than their “golf hat.” Here is the list of 15 different hats that the pastor’s identified:

Peace Maker
Teaching Administrator
CEO for staff
Marketing Ambassador to the City they live in Cheerleader
Role Model
Care Giver
Lawn Care

I share this little survey this month to thank you for praying for your pastor and to thank you again for your prayers and financial gifts for FishBowl Ministries.

FBM Ministries 2019

Once in a while, I believe it is good to reflect. Having celebrating Mother’s Day a few weeks ago, I found myself “reflecting” on the life and legacy of my own mother.

Both my sister and I were raised by very Godly parents in a very conservative church. Trust me when I say that the list of things we couldn’t do was much longer than the list of things we could do! Despite all of the rules, I am very grateful for my heritage and upbringing.

I want to share a story about my Mother. In her late teens and early twenties, she developed severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in her hands. Of course, she and many others prayed that God would heal her hands and take away the pain. He did not choose to straighten her fingers, but He did take away the pain. She continued on with her life and her very crooked fingers. She could cook, bake, drive, sew and she even gave my sister two years of piano lessons. She lived a pretty normal life except for her crooked fingers. In her early 80’s she decided to have her fingers straightened. After that surgery, she visited our family in Santa Barbara, CA. I had never known my mother with straight fingers, and it was a very emotional experience when I saw her for the first time and her fingers were not crooked. I decided to write a poem about her hands. She later sent it to our denominational headquarters, and they published it in their monthly magazine. (I am still waiting for my royalties!) Below is what I wrote:


From the time I was a little child, I watched my Mother’s hands.

Fingers bent and curved quite strange.

Yet always there to hold.

I asked her, once upon a time, “Mother how could your fingers be that way,

Could not God have made them whole?”

She would smile and tell me how as a young woman, her hands

began to change. The joints became stiff, the fingers curved,

And yes, it’s true there was pain.

But then one day God heard her prayer, He answered in His way. He took the pain upon Himself. But did not make the crooked straight.

“You are to be my witness of the healing Grace of God” And so,

Throughout the many years she testified of healing grace and told others

Of her God.

As time went on, her fingers grew more crooked by the year. The pain increased, but always she leaned upon His grace. And then one day, a surgeon carefully applied his healing skill and made those fingers straight.

I will never forget those crooked hands, that held me as a child, and always gave me reason to be proud of the healing grace of God.

I never thought her hands were ugly, different, yes, but always a beautiful symbol of God’s grace and care.

There are many things that I remember about my Mother……but I will always remember MY MOTHER’S HANDS. They were God’s special gift to her.

(Written by Lyle Williams, October 23, 1990) FBM Ministries 2019

Thank you for indulging me in a few moments of reflection. My Mother was 90 years old when she transferred to Heaven in September of 1998. Her name was PEARL…. And yes, she was a REAL GEM.

Thanks to each of you for your faithful prayers and generous financial gifts to keep FishBowl Ministries moving forward in our mission.

Lyle & Linda


April 2019

Almost everybody loves a great comeback story. If you are a golf fan, and I fall into that category, then you loved watching the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament. For the past 11 years one of the most exciting golfers of all time has been missing. Some of those missing years were due to his own poor choices in his life and some because of multiple back and knee surgeries. However, last week it was time once again for Tiger Woods to take the stage and produce one of sports greatest comeback stories. As one person said to me, “Golf has been boring to watch during that past 11 years, but now Tiger is back!” Will he continue to dominate the sport, I do not know, but for those 4 days of The Masters it was incredibly exciting to watch.

Tiger’s come back story, however, is not the greatest story in the world. If I had been preaching on Easter Sunday, my sermon title would have been “The World’s Greatest Come Back Story!” You all know the story and you all know the man….His name is JESUS! It is a story we all know and yet we never tire of hearing it and responding to His love for us. In that story we are reminded that He is the Divine Son of God and human like you and me. For a great reminder, read Hebrews 4:15-16

On the Thursday before Easter I had the privilege to speak to 75 men who gather twice a month to share life together. I talked about the storms of life that we face and the storm that Jesus faced as He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Since it was 4 days before Easter I wanted to end on a positive thought. I chose a hymn that I grew up on and have been singing ever since. Imagine 75 men lifting their voices as we closed our time together by singing this verse:

Rejoice, Rejoice, O Christian, lift up your voice and sing Eternal Hallelujahs to Jesus Christ The King! The hope of all who seek him, the help of all who find, None other is so loving, so good and kind. He lives, Christ Jesus lives today! He walks with me And He talks with me along life’s narrow way. He lives, salvation to impart! You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart.

May the joy of the Resurrection (the greatest comeback story ever) fill your life each day!

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial gifts that enable us to serve pastors.


March 2019

Most everyone I know enjoys music. However, most everyone I know has different tastes in music. Some like jazz; some prefer big band, or classical; there are those of us that prefer country, hymns and contemporary praise songs. (I guess some people even like rap, though I personally do not classify this as “music”). We have all heard that music soothes the soul and I happen to believe that is a correct assessment.

This past week, I had the privilege of co-hosting our fourth annual Music City Fathers Retreat with my good friend John Coulombe. The 26 in attendance came from California, Kansans, Wisconsin and Connecticut, as well as several from the Nashville area. Many of them are singers, song writers, and producers of Christian contemporary music and leaders of ministry – most of you would probably recognize their names. We spent our days and evenings together sharing life stories……. joys, sorrows, scriptures, prayers, laughter – as well as plenty of great food! Sleep was scarce but fellowship was abundant and refreshing. I am already looking forward to next year’s retreat in March of 2020!

In my February Newsletter I shared with you some goals for 2020 that I had presented to our FBM Board. I am excited to tell you that God is adding to our staff – Rev. Judy Stevenson, an ordained pastor with the United Methodist Church has accepted my offer to join FBM. Her focus will be to spend time with and encourage pastor’s wives along with supporting and encouraging female clergy and female church staff. Judy’s information will soon be available at: www.fishbowlministries.org under the heading “staff”.

Linda and I again, would like to express how grateful we are for your continued prayer and financial support to FishBowl Ministries. It is because of your faithfulness that we can do this work! I am excited to see what God is going to continue to do this year in the ministry.

Blessings and Peace!

State of the Ministry Fishbowl Ministries February 2019

State of the Ministry Fishbowl Ministries

February 2019

The following report was given to our Board of Directors at our annual board meeting. The basis for what I shared came from Psalm 37:4-5 (The Passion Translation):

The following report was given to our Board of Directors at our annual board meeting. The basis for what I shared came from Psalm 37:4-5 (The Passion Translation):

Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, And He will provide for you what you desire the most. Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him Along the way you’ll find He pulled it of perfectly!

Recently I began to think about the ministry to church leaders that God has allowed me to be a part of. It started in June 2006 in Orange County California. I spent four years as the Director of Pastoral Ministries for the Center For Individual and Family Therapy. During that time I developed six Pastor Support Groups that met each month to come together and share their life journey in a safe and confidential place. Following that, I spent two years working with Souleader Resources, and, for the last six years I have been privileged to lead FishBowl Ministries. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the variety of ministry that God has allowed me to have for the past 50 years. Coming along side these leaders, praying with them, laughing together, sharing their hurts and sorrows as well as their joys has been the “sweet spot” of my ministry.

When Linda and I started FishBowl Ministries in September of 2012 we had no idea of where that journey would take us. God has blessed us with four amazing staff members. Men of incredible giftedness to come along side ministry leaders to offer hope, encouragement and friendship so they may finish strong! We may not be as large as some ministries that do the same kind of thing we do, but each of us serves with a deep passion to strengthen the hands and hearts of those who are building God’s Kingdom!

Back in December of 2018 I met a new pastor. He is 40 years old, and in addition to his pastoral duties, he is an adjunct professor at one of the Christian universities here in Nashville.
The last time we met he shared with me a deep personal story about himself and a childhood friend who is about ready to crash and burn. At one point he said: I could hardly wait for this week to come so that I could talk with you. I just had lunch with my Elders and they were so excited that I have someone to share my struggles and concerns.

That is why FishBowl Ministries exists and that is why the members of our team are so passionate

about what we do at FBM!

Goals for 2019
*Add 1-2 new Board Members
*Add 2 new staff members
*Increase our personal support base
*Add a female pastor to the staff who can minister to other female pastors

Linda and I are grateful for our faithful board members, for all the pastors who allow us into their lives and for all those who stand with us in prayer and with generous financial gifts!

Blessings and Peace to each of you!


REFLECTIONS January 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you! As I sit down to “create” this newsletter it is hard to believe that we are already half way through January. There is so much to tell you but I will do my best to keep it on one page. I have been reflecting on the end of the year 2018 giving to FishBowl Ministries. Each year I ask you to include FBM in your year-end giving and each year you respond with generosity. With the monthly giving by our generous supporters, added to the special year-end giving and the administration fees that we receive each month from the staff, we have received $10,318.00 in December!

Why did I share this with you? FIRST, to say a BIG THANK YOU for your faithful and generous support each month. God uses each of you, regardless of the size of your donation, to bless Linda and myself and to keep this ministry going. SECOND, this ministry is offered to pastors free of charge and it is desperately needed.

This past week I had the wonderful privilege of sitting down with three new pastors and hearing their stories. Each pastor is different and is dealing with unique situations in his church. One pastor has recently joined my pastor support group. As we talked at lunch he said, “I was so lonely because I did not have anyone that I could really talk to. Then I was invited to attend your pastor support group. I am so thankful to be surrounded by those men”. This is exactly why you pray and give generously!

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite stories of late:
In early December I was introduced to a pastor who is 40 years old. He has been at his church for a little over 7 years. He is also an adjunct professor of Bible at one of the Christian universities here in Nashville. He really enjoys being a teacher and leading his congregation, however lately he has lost some of his excitement for leading a church. His wife suggested that maybe he needed to see a counselor. He said “No, I just need to meet an old pastor who understands what ministry is all about.” I couldn’t help but smile, open my arms and say, “well here I am. I am the old pastor you have been looking for!” We plan to meet several more times and walk with him through his journey. That story is exactly why you pray and give generously!

Here are a few prayer requests as we enter into 2019:
*Pray for Linda and me as we walk this Parkinson’s journey together. *Pray that this year will be a year of growth for FBM. Specifically:

– – –

We need to broaden our support base
Add 1 to 2 new board members
Add additional staff to help reach more pastors.

Thank you for being a part of the FishBowl Ministries Team!

December 2018 HOPE

As I write this Christmas newsletter, we are in the middle of the Advent Season. Advent is a time of waiting, trusting, and hoping. Advent helps us to focus on the real reason we celebrate on December 25th. Families and friends gather together. We decorate our houses inside and out. We eat, we laugh, we cry, we exchange gifts and then we eat some more! – Hey, IT’S CHRISTMAS! But most of all we prepare to celebrate the birth of The One who came to be our Savior.

Come, Thou long expected Jesus, Born to set Thy people free; From our fears and sins release us;
Let us find our rest in Thee.

Take some time before the end of this month to read the words of the Apostle Paul that we find in Romans 5:1-8. In this passage we find great reasons for HOPE.

I have HOPE because I am absolved of my past.
I have HOPE because I am assured of my future.
I have HOPE because God is working in the present.

Our family is doing well and we look forward to sharing the Christmas season together. In addition to the Christmas holiday, on December 27th Linda and I will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary. What a ride we have had during these past 50 years!

Also I am happy to report that FishBowl Ministries is alive and well! Thanks to each and every one of you who are reading this letter for your faithful and generous prayers and financial gifts throughout the year. I am also so thankful for our FBM staff who serve in California, Texas, Ohio and Tennessee. I hear continually from staff and ministry leaders that I have the privilege of working with, how grateful they are for what we do in Fishbowl Ministries. I am looking forward to 2019 as God continues to open doors for ministry.

Blessings and Peace! Lyle & Linda

IS GOD ON VACATION? November 2018

As we look at our nation and all that has been going on with the shootings, violent protests, and the terrible wildfires in CA that have destroyed so many homes and taken so many lives, we start to ask “where is God in all of this?” I watched a news report recently of a woman who had lost everything in the fire at Paradise, CA. As she looked at all the destruction she said: “God is on vacation and He is not taking care of us!” I have never experienced that kind of pain, but I have had my moments when I cried out to God and said, “God where are you?”

Author and Speaker Bob Goff said this: “God doesn’t owe us an explanation when God does something that we do not understand yet.”

Recently I have been hanging out in the Psalms to find words of strength and encouragement. I do not have enough room in this newsletter to write all the words that have been speaking to me, but I would encourage you to read the below passages for yourself: Psalm 107, Psalm 112, Psalm 32 and 34.

If I believe God’s Word, and I do, then I must rest on His words of comfort and strength. We certainly do not always understand how God works or why things happen as they do, but the Bible assures us that God is always present and He will never leave us. I often think of the words that God gave to Joshua after Moses had died:

Do not be afraid or discouraged.
For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

On a personal note, another year is almost over and we are heading into our 7th year of FishBowl Ministries! God continues to work through all our staff as we reach out with hope, encouragement and friendship to those in ministry so that they may finish strong!

Here are two important facts that you should know:
– 1. We understand that we could not do this without God
– 2. We know that we could not do this without your prayers and generous financial gifts.

As you think about your year-end giving to your church and other non-profits, I would be humbled if you would consider sending a year-end gift to FishBowl Ministries to finish off the year strong!

Thank you once again for all you do to help those in ministry thru your faithful partnership with FishBowl Ministries.

Blessings and peace!

The Day In The Life of A Pastor October 2018

Have you ever wondered how a pastor spends his time? Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for the man or woman who has been called by God to shepherd the flock? As I thought about this subject for my October newsletter my mind raced back to the first church that Linda and I served. It was located in Barrington Hills, IL about 30 miles north of Chicago. It was a small congregation and was considered as a “church plant.” I believe the church paid me $200 per week and our district added additional funds. In those days I printed out a monthly income/expense sheet for everyone to see, which included my salary. One Sunday as I was standing in the foyer of the church a girl about 10 years old picked up one of those sheets. She seemed to focus on the line that was my salary. As she did so she exclaimed, “Wow, you get paid all that money for working one day a week!” (My guess is that this was a comment that her parents had around the dinner table.) I promise you that I worked more than one day a week. I prepared two messages a week plus a Wednesday Bible Study. I called on families and visited those in the hospital, among several other weekly duties. Please understand that I am not complaining or bragging, those are just the facts.

A pastor never really knows what his week will look like. One of the things I enjoyed about being a pastor was that every day was different and most of them were never boring. Recently I was talking to a pastor and I asked him how things were going in his ministry. Without giving you all the details, he said “Well, in the past two weeks a young lady who was connected to our church got drunk in a bar and pulled out a gun to shoot herself. Fortunately, someone was able to stop her. Then another woman tried to commit suicide by cutting her throat, but she was rushed to the hospital and they saved her life. A man who was dating our next door neighbor was upset about the relationship and proceeded to go out to her garage and hanged himself!” I shared this series of events with a group of pastors and none of them had ever had a week like that, and thankfully, nor have I.

I shared the above account to remind us that all of our pastors need our prayers. Hopefully, they will never have a week like I just described, but they must be prepared for anything that happens. I would urge you not to ask your pastor what his week has been like, but just assure him/her that you are praying for them.

Prayer Requests:
1. Your prayers for Linda are greatly appreciated as she continues to struggle with the effects of

2. Continue to pray for the effectiveness of Fish Bowl Ministries.

Thank you for standing with us in this vital ministry. Your prayers and financial gifts are greatly appreciated!


Part 2 Secrets of Pastors

September 2018

As we continue with part 2 of our “Secrets of Pastors”, I decided to google the word “pastor”. Among many definitions these two stood out:

A pastor is an ordained leader of a Christian congregation. It is derived from the Latin word meaning shepherd.

Another said:

Being a pastor is a complex and demanding role, and only those that God has empowered by the Holy Spirit will truly be able to fill it.

Let’s take a look at the final 6 secrets that pastors deal with:

I Am Afraid To Ask For What I Really Want

This can appear many different ways. Maybe he needs a raise, but he is afraid to ask. Maybe the pastor needs a 3 week vacation instead of just a weekend off, but he is afraid to ask. For many years of our pastoral ministry, we lived in houses provided by the church. There were times when we wanted to paint a room or put in new carpet, or even do some remodeling, but I was hesitant to ask. In almost every occasion when I asked the Board said yes. Why was I afraid to ask?

I Have thought About Leaving Even Though I Am Staying

Let’s be honest. People in every profession, at some point in their career have thought about leaving but end up staying. Pastors deal with the same thoughts. When I was a young pastor the joke was that we all kept an updated resume in our desk drawer ready to look at on Monday mornings.

My Secret Job Is Nothing Like This Job

One of the reasons that leadership is difficult is that you deal with so many intangibles. Its brain work, people management, conflict management and trying to get people to do things they don’t usually do or may not want to do. Pastors stay because they have a calling that is greater than anything else they could do.

I Feel Like I Don’t Really Know What I Am Doing

Many of us have felt like this but we just don’t want to admit it. It helps to surround ourselves with wise people and together, figure out the best way to solve the problem.

People Seem To Believe In Me More Than I Believe In Myself

When a leader has been through #9 enough times, he may just give up believing in himself. But when you look around you discover that other people are believing in you, and that inspires you to keep on going.

I Thought We Would Have Made More Progress By Now

Every leader wants to see growth. The problem is that when we look over our shoulder and see some great success story we say, “Why wasn’t that me?” We forget that most “overnight” success stories were 5-15 years in the making. It’s ok to be mildly disappointed because it will always spur you on to do more.

So there you have it, “11 Secrets Most Church Leaders Won’t Tell You.” Does every pastor struggle with all 11 of these thoughts, probably not, and there may be more than I have shared with you. However, our role is to pray for those that God has called to lead us and support them in any way that we can.

Thanks to each of you for praying and giving financially to Fishbowl Ministries. Your support is what enables us to come along side pastors to offer them friendship, hope and encouragement, so that they may finish strong!


Secrets of Pastors

August 2018

If you read the title of this newsletter then you are probably thinking that I am going tell you some juicy tid-bits about pastors. They are not juicy and I prefer to call them “insights” into the lives of pastors.

I receive a daily blog from a pastor/author/speaker who lives in Canada. Recently his blog was entitled “11 Secrets Most Church Leaders Won’t Tell You.” I have shared these with several pastors and find that most of them struggle with one or more of these insights. We will take a look at the first 5 this month and the final 6 next month.

I Am Less Secure Than I Appear

The put-together exterior does not always match the fragile interior. Insecurity is a trap. The more insecure you are, the most you resist telling anyone about it. Pastors need to admit their insecurity, see a counselor, talk to a friend and pray about it.

Getting Close To God Isn’t Easy

There is pressure on pastors and church leaders to have a ‘great’ relationship with God. However, pastors are just like the rest of the population – they have their ups and downs. Everybody goes through spiritual seasons.

I’m Lonelier Than I let On

Many driven type leaders do not do relationships easily, and sometimes it is lonelier than it needs to be – especially if you have to make unpopular decisions.

Sometimes It’s Hard At Home

The simple truth is what we post on FaceBook and Instagram is not always true. There are no perfect marriages – not yours, not mine and not your Pastor’s. I remember one time after preaching a woman came up to Linda and said, “It must be wonderful living with Lyle” to which Linda replied, “Well not always!”

The Criticism Hurts

We pretend that it doesn’t hurt, but it does. We put on our poker face but deep down it stings. Pastors need to tell somebody, tell God, and not let their families bear the brunt of the hurt all the time.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest that you go to your pastor this next week and ask him if any of these things bother him, but I would suggest that we all recognize that those who lead us are human with human frailties and, just like you and me, they need our prayers.

Thank you to each one of you for being a part of our FishBowl Team. We are so grateful for your prayers, notes of encouragement and your financial gifts!




July 2018

Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an Opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith Is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.

GREAT JOY?…….Really? I am afraid we do not always see it that way. This is a familiar passage that applies to all of us because we all have had or are currently experiencing trials. Some trials pass quickly and seem rather insignificant in the whole scheme of life. Then there are others that are painful and long lasting. The interesting thing about trials is that no one is exempt, not you, not me or even those in the ministry profession. Trust me, our FBM staff meets with many who are facing all kinds of trials, some having such overwhelming troubles that they are tempted to quit the ministry. Have you ever said, “Where is God in all of these troubles?” I have!

Let me take a personal turn at this point. Most of you know that Linda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in December of 2005. For the first 5-6 years most people would not have known. Even though Parkinson’s is not an aggressive disease, it is progressive. Now, more than 13 years later, Linda is seeing a lot of changes in her health. She has great doctors and wonderful medications that help people with Parkinson’s to have a fairly good quality of life. However, the disease does take its toll. It is our trial that we are trying to endure with joy, as James says.

Have we prayed for Linda? Yes, every day. Have we asked God to heal her? Yes, many times. Have we followed the instructions of James 5:13-15 to call the Elders of the church, to anoint her with oil for healing? Yes, on several occasions. Has God answered with a miraculous healing? Not at this point.

Have you ever asked God “why”? I have!

Have you ever said, “God, are you still here”? I have!

Have you ever asked God, “Do you hear my prayers? Do you even care”? I have!

Have you ever felt like just giving up? I have, and I bet you have too.

BUT WE ARE NOT GIVING UP! Why? Because God is still in control. He has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He has promised that whatever joys we have experienced here on earth cannot compare to the joys we are promised in Heaven! So…..WE ARE NOT GIVING UP!!!!



June 2018

Recently in a pastor’s group that I facilitate, our conversation turned to sports. One of the young pastors was asking others in the group how hard he should push his young son to be involved in baseball. As I listened I started thinking about the importance that our society places on sports. Now don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy a lot of sports but mainly as a spectator. Although I do manage to get in a round of golf once or twice a year.

You see, when I was growing up music was my thing. I tell you this so that I can explain later what I am talking about. In junior high school and throughout high school, I played the trumpet. I was in the concert band, the marching band, and the dance band. I was also in the concert choir, swing choir, madrigal singers and the boy’s quintet. If it was musical I was in it, but sports found me as a spectator. However, I do remember those neighborhood baseball games that we played during the summer. As I recall they went something like this:

Two boys were chosen to be captains and they took turns choosing the guys that they wanted on their team. Finally it got down to the final two, of which I was one. I can still hear those words, “You take John and I will take Lyle.” Not only was I chosen last, but the tone of voice was somewhat humiliating.

It feels good to be chosen, even if we are chosen last. Even if we do not win the amazing award or get picked first for the team, far more important than any of this is that we are chosen by God. Read what God said in Isaiah 41: 8-10:

But as for you, Israel my servant, Jacob my chosen one.

I have called you back from the ends of the earth, saying ‘You are my servant’ For I have chosen you and will not throw you away.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.

Don’t be discouraged for I am your God.

John 16:15-16:

I no longer call you slaves, because a master does not confide in his slaves.

Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father has told me.

You didn’t choose me. I chose you.

I hope you will rejoice with me in being chosen to be on Jesus’ team. You and I are not on His team because of our skills or accomplishments, we are there because He redeemed us! (As always, thanks for being a part of the FBM Team!)



May 2018

Have you ever had something break? Of course you have. It could be your car, your lawn mower or your TV. Recently our dryer broke, which surprised me since it is less than 2 years old. Recently I went into our pantry to get something off the shelf. In an attempt to get that certain item I knocked a jar of hot fudge sauce onto the floor, and you guessed it, IT BROKE!! It wasn’t a huge mess but just enough to be a sticky mess. Sometimes if we drop and break something we can actually glue the pieces back together and no one knows what we did, but this was not the case with the hot fudge jar.

What about people? Since none of us are perfect, we know that in some way we are all broken, and usually it takes more than super glue to mend those broken pieces. IT TAKES A SAVIOR. That is what Jesus came to do, take the broken pieces of our lives and put them back together again. Recently I stopped to visit a pastor who has been broken. When I first met him a few years ago, I assumed he had his life altogether but I later found out how broken he really was. I have not had any real contact with him until today. With the urging of the Holy Spirit I felt like it was time to break the barrier and I stopped to see him. I did not have an appointment but I did know where he works. He greeted me with open arms and a big hug and for the next several minutes we talked about his journey and how God has been mending his broken pieces. He has struggled with shame and with those who talked behind his back. His journey has not been easy, but God is the Mender of broken pieces.

Maybe you have someone in your own life, a friend or family member who is broken and you are praying, “God, send someone to help that person.” We all want to think that “someone else” will be there but what if God wants YOU to be the one who deals with the “broken pieces?” That was my experience today. Listen to the Holy Spirit. He may be asking you to help someone you know and love to pick up the broken pieces of their life.

I love what our team gets to do through FishBowl Ministries. We come along side of those who are hurting and broken and offer them Hope, Encouragement and Friendship! Thank you for continuing to help us do that with your prayers and generous financial support.



A Personal Reflection January, 2018

The Holidays are over, and as I write this letter we are half way through the first month of 2018. Yikes! Through the years I have written on several subjects both to inform you and also to encourage you in your daily walk with God. There are a few personal things that I would like to share with you this month:

*A big THANK YOU to all of you who pray for us and give financially so that the work of FishBowl Ministries can continue. This past year, our year-end giving was more than twice the amount of our usual monthly income! This helps us to start 2018 with a small reserve to meet the needs of ministry.

*I am so blessed to lead our FishBowl team of Len Sunukjian, Byron Burns, Tom Norvell and Greg Rhodes. These are men of great integrity and compassionate hearts for those who serve in ministry. During the months of 2018 our team will take turns in posting a newsletter or other words of encouragement to pastors on our website.

Please take some time and visit: www.fishbowlministries.org.

*Your continued prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. Join with me this year as I pray that God will continue to increase our influence across the county and also bring to us new personnel who have a passion to minister to those in ministry.

*One a very personal note, Linda and I would greatly appreciate your prayers on behalf of her health. She is in her 13th year of living with Parkinson’s disease. Even though she is still as active as she can be, this disease is certainly taking its toll on her. I know, and my Board continues to affirm, that Linda is my first priority of ministry. So pray with us that I will be a faithful steward in leading Fishbowl Ministries, spending time with pastors, and giving time and care to Linda as we continue this journey together.

*Pray for our fourth Music City Father’s Retreat, April 3-5, 2018. This is a gathering of 15-20 Christian Musicians along with a few pastor types. This continues to be a time of great fellowship, personal sharing, lots of music and reflecting on our lives and ministries.

In a recent sermon I heard, I was reminded of Caleb. There are five verses in Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua where we discover why Caleb was so effective in his life. Those verses tell us that Caleb. WHOLE-HEARTEDLY FOLLOWED THE LORD. That is my prayer for myself and all of us as we navigate through 2018!

Blessings & Peace!


The 7 Cent Gift

November 2017

I believe that almost everyone likes to receive gifts. Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a gift for no special reason at all, we all like gifts. By the time you read this letter, Thanksgiving Day will have come and gone and Christmas will be just around the corner. Sometimes the gifts we receive come in large packages, but often the smallest gifts are the most precious. A few weeks ago I was at Office Depot getting my October newsletter printed. There was an elderly woman in front of me trying to pay for her order. Her bill was $1.07. I seldom carry any change with me but that day I knew I had some in my pocket. I handed her 7 cents and said “Here is 7 cents so that you do not have to have all that change with you.” You would have thought that I had given her a diamond ring! She smiled and thanked me and moved on. (I have since wondered why I just didn’t pay for the whole thing. Next time I will be more sensitive.) It was a very small gift, but it made her smile. All that for just 7 cents. We never know what act of kindness will encourage someone who may need a lift that day. In my case all it took was 7 cents!

It is hard to believe that this year is almost gone. Fishbowl ministries is headed into its 6th year of praying for, encouraging and standing alongside all those in ministry. When a pastor says, “Thanks for stopping by” or “Thanks for praying with me”, or “Thanks for being my friend,” then we know why FishBowl Ministries is so important. I also know that Fishbowl ministries has been blessed with so many wonderful supporters who stand with us each month in prayer and generous financial gifts. We could not do this without you! Paul’s prayer in Philippians 1:3-6 is my prayer for each of you:

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

As you think about your year-end giving to your Church or favorite charity I hope that you will remember FishBowl Ministries. We want to end 2017 strong so that we can continue into the New Year, reaching out to pastors throughout the country. Maybe you can only give 7 cents or maybe you can give a large year-end gift. Either way, it will be greatly appreciated!

Blessings & Peace!